Understanding Capability – Strategic Services Case Study

Understanding Capability to Provide Data for Business Critical Decisions

The Issue

Understanding Capability to Provide Data for Business Critical Decisions

When a large defence contractor needed to introduce business change and cost cutting measures they came to Ramsey Hall for advice. Their existing data regarding 140 managers was insufficient in that it did not provide an accurate and benchmarked assessment of current organisational or individual capability.

The Solution

We produced a set of competencies from which to design a Capability Development Centre. Bespoke Development Centre assessment tools were produced based on a real life business simulation. This gave participants the opportunity to experience a relevant and real life business issue. Combined with a variety of psychometric assessments and in-depth interviews, our observers were able to assess each participant against eight competencies in an objective and fair way. We produced tables which ranked participants against four levels so that those who exceeded requirements, met requirements, met with development or fell below expectations could be ranked. Each participant then received individual feedback with a personal development plan.

The data was then compared with existing company data so that organisational decisions could be made. Our Consultants were able to assist in this process.

The Outcome

The outcome provided a basis for organisational redesign decisions which, when taken in conjunction with existing data, gave the senior team accurate talent review criteria. This meant that they had an increased understanding about who could adapt to business change and who would struggle to meet the challenges that the market presented. It also provided accurate objective data to support succession planning objectives. Each participant received face to face feedback and personal development plans which helped equip them for the coming change.


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