The 7 Stages of an Effective Recruitment Process

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The 7 Stages of an Effective Recruitment Process

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Dominos Dice, lined up to fall - follow these stages of recruitment to set up your organisation for successAs we noted last month research from accountant BDO shows hiring intentions to be at a generational high. Skills shortages, or ‘The War for Talent’ as Mckinsey Consultants famously said, is once again a reality.

Whilst many organisations have found recruitment to be easier in the past few years, a growing number of clients are now reporting major hiring difficulties. “DIY” online advertising, contingent agencies and LinkedIn simply fail to attract the best candidates especially when used in isolation.

Extensive research has shown that selective recruitment is a key contributor to organisational performance, and that taking short cuts at the hiring stage can be a really major mistake, particularly for business critical hires. When Ramsey Hall recruits we always follow the following recruitment process as it is proven to reduce staff churn from an industry average of around 28% in year one to about 2%.

1. Establish a Detailed Brief (Job Profile)

Clarity around role and responsibilities is critical to a successful hire. Often we are asked to advise clients on the job design so that the specification addresses all issues effectively.


2. Select an Effective Sourcing Strategy

Choose a sourcing strategy that is cost effective but also likely to yield results. At senior level this normally includes head-hunting to attract passive candidates. As head-hunters we really know our market and can attract candidates who might otherwise be missed.


3. Pre-screen Candidates Effectively

Interviewing inappropriate candidates or missing promising applications costs time and money. We recommend an analysis against the brief is the best method.


4. Create Objective External and Internal Recruitment Processes

For business critical roles treat internal candidates the same as external applicants and compare them against one another using the same process. This increases the objectivity and decreases bias to the recruitment process so as to keep your options as open as possible.


5. Conduct a Panel Interview

Research shows that one on one interviews are unreliable because of bias concerns such as ‘halo and horns effect’ and the notorious ‘gut feel’ approach which wrecks many a recruitment.


6. Psychometric Test Candidates

Tools from recognised quality publishers such as CEB/SHL, Hogan, OPP and Saville are excellent predictors of future success when used appropriately. Avoid tools which do not require British Psychological Society level 1 and 2 accreditation. These may lead to an increased risk of results being invalid which may inform you inappropriately.

We also recommend personality profiling is combined with ability testing so that ‘triangulated’ results are available. We can provide triangulated assessment as a standalone service in addition to our other selection consulting activities.


7. Use ALL the Evidence to Evaluate Each Candidate Before You Hire.

No one source of data is enough, a good interview has a low correlation with success, psychometrics alone are a somewhat better but a combination of indicators can be really powerful.


Expanding Your Choice of Candidates

Lots of organisations make the mistake of having a limited and ineffective resourcing method to get top candidates. This results in a lack of candidate variety which can limit your choices as well as role expansion. An ineffective recruitment process yields second rate results for roles you cannot afford to have second choice candidates. With a little over 15 hiring weeks to Christmas and an average notice period of three months, what are you doing to get ready for the New Year recruitment rush?

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Phil Boyle - Managing Director of Ramsey Hall

Phil Boyle is one of the most experienced Executive Recruiters in the UK. He is Managing Director of Ramsey Hall Ltd that is a highly respected and long-established boutique Talent Management Consultancy. It is an SHL Enterprise Partner and amongst the most experienced users of the Hogan series tests. Ramsey Hall also has extensive experience in Board Advisory and Recruitment Process Design amongst other HR services.


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