A Guide to Improving Board Effectiveness

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A Guide to Improving Board Effectiveness

Friday, October 24th, 2014

As boardroom performance is increasingly being assessed and scrutinised it is even more important to make sure that the board is effective and pulling the organisation in the right direction.

It is always important for the Board to lead the organisation forward with an effective strategy and respond to market changes in an appropriate way that makes as little disruption as possible.

Boards need to constantly handle change, inside and out of the organisation. And this is the reason why it is fundamental to know how to deal with that change.

This guide takes a comprehensive look at the following:

1. Identifying disruptive decision making
2. Making changes that lead the organisation forward
3. Dealing with change effectively
4. Constructing a Board that pulls in the same direction
5. Easing changes in to a Boardroom


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