Why graduates need to ‘get real’ – What we have learned from recent graduate recruitment

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Why graduates need to ‘get real’ – What we have learned from recent graduate recruitment

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Times are certainly still tough in the economic environment and I have a lot of sympathy for all young people who are finding the job market to be difficult. It’s been a while since I graduated but we at The RHL Group have recently been disappointed by the behaviour of recent university graduates who seem to have questionable attitudes to their own job searches and simply complying with the client’s application process.

The Occupational Psychology Group (OPG) part of the Ramsey Hall Group, has been assessing large numbers of graduates on behalf of clients as well as for our own expansion. We’ve found varying attitudes to the recruitment process, which has been quite a surprise.

Firstly, some graduates seem oblivious to the state of the graduate recruitment market and did not even have the courtesy of contacting the recruiter when they wished to withdraw from the selection process or when they were late completing assessments.  We regularly hear comments such as, “I was busy over the weekend” and “I did not have time to complete the assessments” despite being given plenty of time by the companies we are acting for.

We’ve also noticed candidates are sometimes late in completing assessments or they need the personal attention of our support team to encourage completion and give further instruction – frustrating when we are told in the press that times are particular tough for the under 25s. These behaviours seem very inappropriate in what can be said to be a ‘buyers’ market’ where employers have an extensive selection of candidates, all apparently with excellent ‘paper based’ skills.

With a few exceptions, all these young people have several things in common.  Our team have found that these candidates perform less well in their ability tests than their peers and they often appear to have psychometric profiles which suggest a lower preference for working with numbers and data.  Also significant is that some of the candidates seemed not to understand simple instructions on how to complete the assessments – these are all highly educated university graduates, often looking for work in highly technical or at least skilled environments.

This suggests that merely completing the assessments, or not doing so, is a useful assessment of attitude and/or ability and likely work behaviours in its own right as well as being a natural filter for weeding out unsuitable applicants when candidates fail to adhere to the process.

We recommend therefore that all graduate employers need to introduce ability testing and personality assessment as part of the graduate hiring process. The cost need not be high with online testing being the most popular assessment tools but the results are telling and will help clients mitigate risk and save money training low potential employees.

The OPG is the business psychology practice of Ramsey Hall and can be contacted on 02380 236944. www.theopg.co.uk

This article reflects the views of Matthew Davis, Director and are entirely his own based on over 21 years experience in recruitment, selection and assessment

Phil Boyle Takes Up Prestigious Global Aerospace Position as President of the Royal Aeronautical Society

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Southampton, UK – 22 May 2012 – Phil Boyle, the Managing Director of Southampton based HR Consultancy, The Ramsey Hall Group, has been appointed as President of the Royal Aeronautical Society, the world’s oldest and most prestigious aerospace organisation. Established in 1866 and with over 17,000 members worldwide, the RAeS is head quartered in London but has nearly 100 branches across the world.  A completely multi-disciplinary Society, the RAeS has members from each and every part of the aerospace sector.

Commenting on his appointment, Boyle said, “I am deeply honoured to become the President of the RAeS, one of the most prestigious roles in the world of aerospace and aviation. Having been a member of the Society for over 40 years, I look forward to guiding the Society over the next year as we first undertake the biggest changes to our governance in over 50 years and then roll out an innovative “New Media” based membership offering that will completely globalise the Society with every member no matter where they are in the world enjoying essentially the same benefits.

“This has been an exciting time for Ramsey Hall too, as we saw our business grow by 80% in 2011.

“As a pilot, chartered engineer and HR professional I hope that my skills and experience will benefit the RAeS as it continues to encourage young talent to consider aviation and engineering as their career path.  Having chaired the local Solent branch which covers the whole of the Portsmouth and Southampton conurbation, I know how important our members are at a local level and will continue to strive to encourage them all to promote this amazing industry.”

Boyle will become part of a proud history of Society RAeS leaders, whose past presidents include HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and military aviation pioneer Sidney Camm – the designer of the Hawker Hurricane.  Phil is the longest serving Trustee of the Royal Aeronautical Society and also the current Chair of the Solent branch – recognised across the society as being an exemplar branch and especially highly regarded for the support it provides to young people wishing to study for a career in aviation.



Ramsey Hall’s Succession Planning Article – Building the Organisation of the Future

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Are you looking at the future of your business? Why not read our article on Succession Planning, published in December issue of Executive Grapevine.

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 Succession Planning Article

Talent Management – Do You Know How to Make the Most of Your Team?

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

It’s been a busy few weeks for Ramsey Hall with two development centres for one of our largest clients. Increasingly organisations are looking to their exisiting staff to fill the skills gaps and grow the business, rather than the costly process of recruitment.

How do you know who is the best and most effective in your team? How do you get the most out of them? Our Talent Management White Paper clearly shows what you need to consider and the importance of talent management in your HR strategy. Click here for more information and perhaps talk to one of our consultants on 02380 236944.