Beyond the Tick Box – Board Composition and Effectiveness

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Beyond the Tick Box – Board Composition and Effectiveness

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Welcome to the latest white paper from Ramsey Hall.

This latest white paper in the ‘Perspectives on Organisational Effectiveness’ series takes a critical review and analysis of board composition and effectiveness for listed and non listed UK organisations.

Our role as consultants takes us into many organisations, public and private sector; large and small. This latest paper builds on our board room experience, as well as academic research undertaken by our consultants, to give you an overview of how we believe boards can perform to their optimum.

As with all our white papers we welcome feedback and discussion. Please feel free to engage with us via social media or through the email address below.

Executive Summary

Organisational success depends on the development and translation of strategy into results and the effective control of the business, which we call governance. This paper looks at why organisations of all sizes must ensure their board functions at its optimum if the organisation is to succeed in today’s competitive global economy. We look at the drivers of change, the stark realities of current board practices and the reality organisations experience when implementing the Davies Review, The UK Corporate Governance Code and IOD guidelines for unlisted companies.

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