Renewing Leadership – Leadership Case Study

The Problem

Renewing Leadership for a defence contractor

The well publicised UK defence cuts have led to much soul searching and restructuring within the sector which meant that several senior board positions at our client were to be resourced over a three year period.

The client needed to improve leadership skills, reinvigorate commercial activity and cut costs through better controls and use of continuous improvement techniques. The ‘old’ leadership team had not been able to make the significant business change which had been demanded by their new, overseas owners who had assumed control a few years earlier.

This long term business plan meant that the client needed to establish ties with a ‘Trusted Advisor’. Led by one of our Directors we met the client and spent a considerable time understanding their needs, culture and issues. They told us they had chosen Ramsey Hall because of the international reputation of our Aerospace & Defence Practice.

The Solution

Over a 3 year period our consultants resourced the majority of the senior executive team including an HR Director, Sales & Marketing Director and Finance Director. These roles included the sensitive and open appraisal of internal and external candidates, some of whom we found via advertising (internal and external) and some by executive search.

The Result

Candidates were interviewed and assessed using psychometric assessment prior to presentation, with interview reports, at the short listing meetings. At least 4 candidates per position were provided so that a real choice was available.

The client valued our input and asked us to chair their Board Nominations Committee. Successful appointments resulted in every case.

Additional consulting work has also been undertaken for the client including Executive Outplacement and Executive Appraisals of managers seeking to enhance their careers.

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