Future Proofing Success – Strategic Services Case Study

Redesigning a Manufacturing Business for Future Success

The Issue

Redesigning a Manufacturing Business for Future SuccessA privately owned manufacturing and MRO business had been through an extended period of losses caused by market changes and cash flow concerns. Lean and Six Sigma initiatives had failed to deliver significant tangible returns whilst piecemeal restructuring had not addressed cultural, service, quality and cost concerns adequately. The Managing Director also felt that his executive team were not working effectively together as an oversight body and individual Directors did not demonstrate effective leadership. Moreover, basic role profiles which would provide role clarity were absent which meant responsibility and roles were unclear.

The Solution

Our consulting team began with a diagnosis of need which involved 360 degree feedback and structured interviews with the executives designed to understand governance issues in the business. Individual feedback took place and a gap analysis identifying organisational issues was presented. Our research identified leadership concerns which were coupled with governance and control issues. This meant that effective cost controls were not in place. The organisation had too much duplication of roles and modern business practices were not always in evidence.

Stage two of the project involved executive coaching to arrive at an effective route map for restructuring and agreed role profiles which could be put in place to provide clarity of responsibility.

Stage three of the project included engaging our executive recruitment team to recruit two non-executive Directors in order to enhance strategy decision making.

The Outcome

The executives were better equipped to implement continuous improvement and were provided with guidance to achieve significant organisational change with corresponding ‘bottom line’ improvement in less than six months.

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