Facilitating Organisational Development – Board Effectiveness Case Study

A complex third sector client

The Organisation

Facilitating Organisational Development - Board Effectiveness Case Study

A third sector client operating in a difficult service provision environment where external fundraising is challenging and resources scarce.

The Issues

Leadership issues had cumulated in the resignation of the CEO with all the resulting disruption and morale issues. At the same time formal director governance practices such as service agreements, job profiles and performance management were not in place or up to date.

Ramsey Hall was approached and appointed to recruit a replacement CEO who met a specific brief. That is, to recruit a leader who can develop the charity rapidly by working with the Trustees to devise and deliver on strategy, leaving day-to-day management to the operational executive team.

At the same time our board team was asked to review internal director positions and provide clarity around roles and responsibilities. We were also asked to facilitate the development of leadership using 360 degree feedback and assessment. This included advice on responsibilities and functions both for the directors and their reports together with competency framework design following workshops and job analysis. More importantly, we were asked to define requirements for performance management processes to help focus ongoing director development and performance management.

The Solution

Our board executive recruiters ran hybrid advertising and retained search assignment and provided a shortlist with a 50% female candidature and successfully placed a leader who exceeded requirements. In the meantime our consulting team facilitated difficult discussions amongst the directors which led to role changes and, on a positive note, better awareness of capability and potential amongst the director population. Assessment and feedback interviews followed a formal job analysis and competency framework design.

The Outcomes

The project ended with a new CEO appointed who could lead and not just manage; a clearly defined competency framework layered for all levels in the organisation; role profiles and director level profiles designed around organisational needs and aligned to strategy; and effective and objective executive appraisals and personal development plans. More importantly, we helped facilitate difficult organisational development discussions and improved governance and management oversight. This left the CEO free to work with the Trustees to develop strategy and push the organisation forward in terms of charitable outcomes safe in the knowledge that operational controls and management are appropriate.

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