CEB/SHL Partnership

CEB/SHL Partnership

March 27th, 2017

CEB/SHL have given us a recommendation for our business psychology practice. Our 8 year partnership has seen us grow our advisory services across talent management and now a new range of talent analytics products #ceb

Our Congratulations to the UKSA

August 14th, 2014

Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week Charity - Young people enjoying themselves sailing

The increasing success of the UKSA, the Isle of Wight based, youth charity, has been justifiably and publicly recognised by Aberdeen Asset Management who have named the UKSA as their prime ‘Cowes Week Charity’ for the next two years.

We at Ramsey Hall are particularly proud to add our name to the list of those organisations sending their congratulations as we have worked closely with the UKSA for some years. Work we have undertaken for them has included the executive search for the current CEO, Richard Thornton and a range of talent management initiatives aimed at ensuring that they become a truly high performing organisation.

Ramsey Hall Director, Matthew Davis commented, “Whilst we have worked with the UKSA we have never stopped being impressed with the quality and success of their work with their youth clients.”



For further details of the UKSA fundraising campaign and the opportunity to make a donation yourself to this hugely worthwhile charity that helps make a positive difference to so many young people’s lives, please visit the UKSA website anddonate.


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Full Day Workshop: Understanding Your Team to Generate High Performance

July 18th, 2014

Team working is a key component of high performance working in any organisation and can mean the difference between future success and failure.

It improves company culture, increases productivity and creates a climate that encourages better performance, innovation and leadership.

Using the market leading Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment tool, The Occupational Psychology Group is offering ‘team improvement’ events either at your own site or at our in house facilities in Southampton and Manchester.

Join our workshop where you will be able to be assessed using an MBTI assessment

The workshop will focus on:

  • Identifying leadership styles and its impact on the team
  • Identifying team dynamic and ‘gaps’ to improve organisational performance
  • Understanding how different people react to change in the working environment
  • Understanding how to nurture, empower and encourage others in the working environment
  • Breaking down barriers between managers
  • Having a greater understanding of each other in your organisation

The one day workshop is suitable for boards, for executive teams, for anyone in a managerial leadership role and for management structures where effective team working is a critical business imperative.


To register and book a day for this workshop please email opg@ramseyhall.com or call the events team on 023 8023 6944 for the workshop in the Southampton area  or 0161 848 0048 for the workshop in the Manchester area.

Numbers per event are strictly limited. This will ensure a very high level of involvement and interaction. This is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your knowledge and the events are led by Talent Management experts.


£1000 + VAT for half day event (9:00am – 1:00pm): For up to 8 delegates per organisation.
£1595 + VAT for full day event (9:00am – 5:30pm): For up to 8 delegates per organisation.

The whole day workshop provides greater detail than the half day alternative.

Contact The Events Team

Phone (Southampton) 02380 236944, (Manchester) 0161 848 0048


Email opg@ramseyhall.com


Southampton Offices: Ramsey Hall Ltd, Avenue House, 62 The Avenue, Southampton, Hampshire, SO17 1XS

Manchester Offices: The Occupational Psychology Group, Empress Buildings, Empress Business Centre, Chester Road, Manchester, M16 9EA

10% off when you pre-book before the end of August 2014 (even if the event is held later)

*Subject to our global terms of business

Ramsey Hall Expands Into New Global Territories Through INAC

March 28th, 2014

Ramsey Hall Director Matthew Davis recently attended the global INAC Partners conference in Dubai where the global network of Executive Search and Talent Management Consultancies once again agreed that several new members be admitted to the network to enhance our global reach.INAC executive search worldwide

New members in the USA and China compliment representation in over 50 countries from Eastern Europe to the Far East.  All Consultancies have been vetted for the high standard of their expertise across multiple industries with a capability to deliver assignments at the highest level.

This is useful as Ramsey Hall can now accept retained Executive Search mandates locally in the UK either for cross border assignments where candidates may be located in multiple territories or for roles based globally.  We accept the mandate and manage the project using our network to provide local expertise with a global reach.

In short, we  are able to deliver a boutique service with the added advantage of a global reach.

To discuss your executive resourcing requirements contact us on 02380 236 944 or 01618 480 048 or visit our executive search page for more information.



About INAC:
INAC is a global retained executive search organization, with more than 20 years of experience in fulfilling clients’ top talent acquisition objectives. Its more than 80 offices across 45 countries are staffed with seasoned recruitment executives, specialized in diverse fields, who offer exceptional local know-how and highly personalized services.

RH Professionals Has Changed Their Name To Avenue House Consulting

March 19th, 2014

Ramsey Hall and RH Professionals have been very busy recently, and with much consideration we have undergone some branding changes to our professional recruitment branch.

avenue house consulting, rh professionals, professional recruitment

RH Professionals has officially changed it’s name to Avenue House Consulting. Our recruitment service for professionals has undergone a slight brand change to “better identify with clients and candidates alike”.

It shall still be headed by Maddy Comrie as recruitment manager. For those who don’t know Avenue House Consulting focuses in professional level recruitment in a number of industries including Human Resources, IT, sales, finance and more.

Maddy Comrie commented, “We are all really excited about the new name, a name that better suits us better as a brand and as an organisation, there are some big changes happening and we think this is the right move for us to better identify with our clients.

No one shall be affected by the change in the brand name and everyone will still be getting the same great quality service they receive from working with them.

If you have any queries about the name change or any of the services that we provide including:

Executive Search

Professional Recruitment

Psychometric Testing

Career Transition


And more…

You can follow Avenue House Consulting on Facebook,  Twitter, and LinkedIn or alternatively visit their website.


Wishing You A Merry Christmas

December 18th, 2013


Ramsey Hall Team Wish You A Merry Christmas


Why graduates need to ‘get real’ – What we have learned from recent graduate recruitment

September 25th, 2013

Times are certainly still tough in the economic environment and I have a lot of sympathy for all young people who are finding the job market to be difficult. It’s been a while since I graduated but we at The RHL Group have recently been disappointed by the behaviour of recent university graduates who seem to have questionable attitudes to their own job searches and simply complying with the client’s application process.

The Occupational Psychology Group (OPG) part of the Ramsey Hall Group, has been assessing large numbers of graduates on behalf of clients as well as for our own expansion. We’ve found varying attitudes to the recruitment process, which has been quite a surprise.

Firstly, some graduates seem oblivious to the state of the graduate recruitment market and did not even have the courtesy of contacting the recruiter when they wished to withdraw from the selection process or when they were late completing assessments.  We regularly hear comments such as, “I was busy over the weekend” and “I did not have time to complete the assessments” despite being given plenty of time by the companies we are acting for.

We’ve also noticed candidates are sometimes late in completing assessments or they need the personal attention of our support team to encourage completion and give further instruction – frustrating when we are told in the press that times are particular tough for the under 25s. These behaviours seem very inappropriate in what can be said to be a ‘buyers’ market’ where employers have an extensive selection of candidates, all apparently with excellent ‘paper based’ skills.

With a few exceptions, all these young people have several things in common.  Our team have found that these candidates perform less well in their ability tests than their peers and they often appear to have psychometric profiles which suggest a lower preference for working with numbers and data.  Also significant is that some of the candidates seemed not to understand simple instructions on how to complete the assessments – these are all highly educated university graduates, often looking for work in highly technical or at least skilled environments.

This suggests that merely completing the assessments, or not doing so, is a useful assessment of attitude and/or ability and likely work behaviours in its own right as well as being a natural filter for weeding out unsuitable applicants when candidates fail to adhere to the process.

We recommend therefore that all graduate employers need to introduce ability testing and personality assessment as part of the graduate hiring process. The cost need not be high with online testing being the most popular assessment tools but the results are telling and will help clients mitigate risk and save money training low potential employees.

The OPG is the business psychology practice of Ramsey Hall and can be contacted on 02380 236944. www.theopg.co.uk

This article reflects the views of Matthew Davis, Director and are entirely his own based on over 21 years experience in recruitment, selection and assessment

International Expansion with Senior Board Appointment for Southampton Based, Ramsey Hall

September 10th, 2013

Ramsey Hall, one of the UK’s leading talent management practices, is delighted to announce that it is strengthening its senior management team with the appointment of David Seall as Chairman, Board Practice.

David’s role will be to advise and support clients at board and senior management level. David’s skills and experience across a wide a variety of sectors are ideally suited to large and fast growing organisations that may be looking for high level strategic guidance in the development of their board and management teams.

Commenting on the appointment, Matthew Davis, a Director of Ramsey Hall said, “David has well over 20 years of senior management and leadership experience. His knowledge of UK business and the issues facing business leaders is one of his key attributes. We look forward to David working with our existing clients as well as helping us secure further new business across the UK and abroad.”

David Seall added,“I am very much looking forward to joining the Board Practice within Ramsey Hall. They are one of the most experienced consultancies in the UK with aspirations to grow their business further on a national and international level.

“I feel my expertise across management, design and manufacturing will greatly enhance the Ramsey Hall consultancy offer. On a personal level, I particularly enjoy working with businesses who want to grow and succeed. The team are hoping there will a large number of businesses who will want to meet us over the coming months.”

Mr Seall will be well known to many businesses across London and the South East as an Independent Director and Chartered Engineer specialising in the Manufacturing and Engineering sectors. David worked for many years in the Aerospace and Defence industry and was Chief Executive of the Engineering Employers Federation for London and the South East (EEF South) for over 10 years, working with hundreds of companies.

For many years he has advised National, Regional and Local government on manufacturing, business support, skills development, science and technology and innovation. He is also an exponent and advocate of “Lean Manufacturing” and the lean enterprise.

David has been a non-executive Director and/or Trustee of a number of organisations for the last 15 years. He is currently the Chairman of the Institute of Directors in Surrey, a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and a Member of the Institute of Materials, Mineralogy and Mining.


Ramsey Hall Offers the Perfect HR Springboard into Southern Africa

July 19th, 2013

Ramsey Hall is a member of the International INAC network, working with partners across the globe to recruit senior executives as well as support HR professionals. Already this year we have undertaken projects for partners in the US and Russia. It was with great interest that we saw this release from our partners in Portugal.

As the African market develops, you may need multi-lingual support from your HR consultants. Ramsey Hall can provide support, through INAC in Angola and Mozambique, in addition to Kenya and South Africa, the two fastest growing countries in the region.


Be successful in the fast growing Portuguese-speaking markets of Angola and Mozambique by using Portuguese talent and Portuguese executive search expertise. 

Last year Portuguese-speaking markets contributed 2% of world trade and generated wealth equivalent to 4.6% of world’s GDP, with steady growth rates between 7% and 8% a year.

Among these, Angola and Mozambique are indeed two of the fastest-growing economies in the African Continent, where research reveals that opportunities span across several sectors and ranks infrastructure, natural resources (coal, oil & gas, hydro), tourism, agribusiness, education & training, retail and healthcare as some of the most preeminent in the short and medium term.

Specialised market intelligence and local business sensitiveness is critical when recruiting overseas and common language and culture gives immediately an edge. Partnering with a Portuguese-based executive recruitment expert should be then seen as the perfect springboard to a successful entrance in those regions, reducing the investment risk and speeding-up results.

Since 2007 INAC Portugal has played an active role deliver critical top talent for the Portuguese speaking countries in Africa, provide tailored research expertise and support throughout all phases of executive recruitment. We accelerated business development for our global clients across multiple industries, including Oil & Gas, Transport & Logistics, Retail, Construction, Automotive and Leisure, to name just a few.

INAC would like to invite its global clients to explore our capabilities to support their development projects in those challenging markets. For further information and to evaluate partnering opportunities, please contact either your local INAC provider or directly to:

Matthew Davis at Ramsey Hall

Tel: 02380 236944 or email medavis@ramseyhall.com 

Ramsey Hall Retains Investor in People (IIP) Status and Celebrates International Recruitment Success

July 1st, 2013

Hampshire, UK 01 July 2013 – Ramsey Hall, one of the UK’s leading talent management practices is delighted to announce that it has retained its Investors in People (IIP) status during a recent review of the HR standard by independent auditors, Inspiring Business Performance Ltd.

This news comes as the business continues to expand through its association with INAC, the international network of over 40 global search companies which Ramsey Hall joined 12 months ago. The business has also won a number of high profile contracts to supply senior managers and directors to businesses across the UK as well other HR related services such psychometric testing.

Commenting on the success, Phil Boyle, Managing Director of Ramsey Hall said, “We’re delighted that we have retained our Investors in People status. Investors in People offers a people based business structure which we feel benefits any business, especially our own.

“2013 is proving to be buoyant year for the business as we’ve seen our search teams working with businesses in Russia and the USA. The economy seems to be picking up slightly as a number of high profile businesses have looked to take on senior managers. Our team of talent management consultants continues to be busy with a number of assignments already planned for the autumn.

“This year is certainly looking positive for us. Over the next six months we are continuing to look at the expansion of Ramsey Hall. We will be announcing a new division of the business over the next few weeks which will take us into new markets.”

Phil Boyle Receiving an Award for IIP and Celebrates International Recruitment Success

John Telfer, Managing Director of Inspiring Business Performance Ltd (IBP), the organisation that delivers Investors in People for London and the South, said: “Ramsey Hall should be congratulated for the way in which management and staff have come together to produce real results. I hope other organisations in the industry will look to them as a great example of what can be achieved.”

For further information about Ramsey Hall please visit www.ramseyhall.com