About INAC Global Executive Search and Ramsey Hall

Over the last 18 months Ramsey Hall has seen significant interest from clients looking to our team to support international executive search appointments. Increasingly our customers are looking to expand globally and need quickly to develop multi-skilled teams in Europe and beyond. To this end we have joined one of the world’s most prestigious executive search groups – INAC Global Executive Search with over 50 member consultancies in 48 countries across the world.

Founded in Europe in 1992, INAC - Global Executive Search has been providing senior international executive search services and advice to clients throughout the world. From a small group of visionary firms, its network has become one of the leading independent search networks in the world with consulting expertise across functions and sectors.

The global network is committed to providing immediate and excellent recruitment services wherever in the world it is needed. Member professionals, all seasoned executives with major reputations in their own countries, are highly experienced in meeting the increasingly complex needs of an international client base. Search firms are only invited to join INAC if they have demonstrated through working with existing members that their expertise and concern for clients matches the organisation’s exacting standards of integrity and competence. This selection procedure is one of the cornerstones of INAC and continues to ensure the high quality and consistency of cross border and in-country service provided to clients.

We anticipate that this relationship will assist our clients in the recruitment search as well as leading us to more international work, supporting the INAC members across the globe.

For more information about INAC, visit the INAC website.