Executive Assessment

Assessing Capability, Understanding Potential

Identifying the right leader for any organisation is critical to its long term success and this is equally true whether you are considering promoting an existing executive employee or recruiting a new one.  In either case it is essential that you can accurately assess the individual’s existing capability and understand their true potential.  This is where Executive Assessment is a powerful business tool.

Our consultants are experts in Executive Assessment and Coaching. We have a team of highly qualified psychometric & leadership assessment, executive coaches and executive resourcing professionals with many years of individual and collective experience of assessing and developing capability at executive level.


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Using a combination of psychometrics, business simulations and ‘depth’ interviews we will gain an in-depth understanding of the candidates’ current attainment, existing capabilities and future potential. We will also gain an understanding of their likely organisational and cultural fit; vital, as even the best leaders will fail in the wrong environment.  Traditional interviews simply do not achieve this which is a major reason why so many senior ‘apparently perfect’ appointees fail to leverage the maximum for the organisation once they are in role.  Executive assessment provides a greater depth of information to help in high risk business critical decisions.

A typical individual executive assessment involves half a day with the individual on a one-on-one basis using a combination of psychometric assessment, interviews and business simulation tools. Multiperson assessments are more likely to be in a one or two day assessment centre format as part of a senior executive assessment programme.

Following a face-to-face or telephone validation feedback session with each candidate, a written, benchmarked Executive Assessment report is presented to the client. Again this presentation may be either by telephone or face-to-face at the client’s choice.  Executive coaching may be a useful follow up for the candidate when transformational change is needed through leadership development.

Benefits of Executive Assessment

  • Better understanding of a candidate’s capability, potential and cultural fit
  • An objective and defendable executive assessment using market leading psychometrics and tests combined with depth interviews
  • Reduced risk of corporate sclerosis or failure
  • Gives real insight into organisational capability for succession planning, restructuring and investment decisions
  • Executive assessment and coaching can be powerful executive development tools


Matthew Davis is a Chartered FCIPD and Chartered Marketer FCIM qualified HR/Human Capital consulting professional

For more information about our Executive Assessment services contact Matthew Davis, Practice Director by email, phoning +44 (0) 2380 236944, , or alternatively read our Executive Assessment Case Study.