Pre Investment Capability Assessment – Executive Assessment & Development Case Study

Executive Assessment & Development Case StudyThe Problem

As a part of pre-investment management due diligence exercises, clients often ask Ramsey Hall to assess the capability and potential of the existing management team. This allows us to diagnose potential performance, management and organisational issues ahead of the deal. One client, very sensibly had deliberately kept their options open as they were aware that long term decisions potentially needed to be made based on both financial data, which they had, and people data which they didn’t.

The Solution

The CEO felt he was too close to his team and therefore asked Ramsey Hall and The Occupational Psychology Group to undertake an executive appraisal and assessment process using psychometric assessment, 360 degree feedback and depth interviews. Ramsey Hall suggested that the process would benefit from adding development coaching into the mix so the participants themselves gained from the project.

The Result

After successfully implementing the assessment and development programme, the CEO said:

“This has been an extremely effective exercise for me and there have been the following benefits:

  • It has increased the self-awareness of the Directors with respect to their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • It has given a substantial support data set to areas which I had already identified to them as areas for development and some new areas which we agreed needed work.
  • The 360 drew into sharp relief the external perception of them from peer group and subordinates etc.  This has in one case led to a massive shift in behaviour and improved communication performance already. Performance from 2/3 of them has improved and the other one is getting a better balance in her life!  Although she still is reading all her emails from vacation in Mexico!
  • I now have a structured development plan for each of them which I will take forward.  The OPQ clarified what buttons to push or not for motivation.
  • Since as a Board we have worked closely together for years it has allowed me personally to get management distance from them and them from their staff.
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