Developing Leadership – Board Effectiveness & Development Case Study

A Privately Owned Business Services Group

The Organisation

Developing Leadership - Board Effectiveness & Development Case Study

A business service and outsourcing group with a growing operating company providing services to the public and private sectors. The management philosophy was to leave each operating company to be self managed and led by its director board, whilst ‘group’ provided only non-executive director input.

The Issue

The main board felt that the operating company was not self leading and showing the strategic leadership it needed. Sales targets were not being achieved and customer services key performance indicators not being reported. Moreover, risk management was under reported and a cohesive business strategy was not clearly defined. Abdication of responsibility and a blame culture were clearly in evidence; whilst the functions of some directors were too operational with minimal strategic input and perceived value add.

The Solution

Before embarking on a recruitment exercise we reviewed existing practices using psychometrics, structured interviews and a workshop. We then prepared a gap analysis detailing organisational and leadership strengths and weakness and made recommendations. This was benchmarked against board best practice and provided an objective third party opinion from which to discuss and act upon.

The Outcomes

The result, a streamlined board with one post removed and one strategic hire with leadership and succession potential. The remaining directors were given personal development plans to facilitate self development. Significant cost savings and improved growth followed. Efficiencies and improved service levels followed as the board focused on strategy as opposed to mere oversight.

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