Strategic Restructuring

Understanding Capability to Provide data for business critical decisionsInevitably organisations sometimes need to restructure to become or remain competitive.  Badly handled restructuring can be very damaging to future competitiveness and your employer brand.

We take a holistic approach to restructuring, advising on all levels of your organisation.  Key to our work is ensuring that your people are aligned with current and, as importantly, future business needs.

We begin by meeting the board and senior team to understand what is required in the organisation for the future.  Secondly we carry out a detailed competency analysis and team review to understand what competencies are required in team members and their current fit.  We then advise on restructuring and redeployment as appropriate before finally providing development for remaining managers.  In essence we help ensure your teams are aligned to the demands of your business going forward.  Our approach to organisational development helps reduce risk and enhance performance in the short and longer term.

Those who are leaving the business can then be offered career transition through our dedicated career management practice. For more information, please visit www.rhcareer.co.uk.

For more information about our Strategic Restructuring contact our team now or alternatively read our Strategic Restructuring Case Study.