On Boarding

The first 100 days for your new recruits are critical to maximising the likelihood that they will stay with your business long term.

Ramsey Hall provides sector leading On Boarding (induction) services with experienced coaches to help your new recruit manage their transition into your company.  Research shows that investment in support post recruitment pays dividends in terms of employee engagement and their future success in role.  This is because it helps reduce the time needed to become fully effective in the role whilst building engagement with the employee at the earliest opportunity.  Research shows that employees who participate in On Boarding programmes are 68% more likely to stay with their organisation after three years than those who are not offered on boarding programmes.

We can also design and provide induction advice where required to ensure your hire integrates effectively into your organisation.  In addition, we can integrate induction and on boarding with long term development planning in order to maximise your people advantage.


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