Career Transition & Outplacement

Helping people manage change is a complex process that can have lasting consequences both on the individuals concerned and also the remaining individuals in your organisation.  We have a dedicated career management practice which provides support for employees and organisations in times of change.

Senior executive service

The separation from the employer and the career management of managers and directors is a complex scenario for individuals and their organisation which requires the skill of experienced consultants who can work with the executive to provide more than just a process driven outplacement process.  Our senior executive service involves unlimited support (until the transition is complete) on a one to one basis and is a modular service bespoke to individual needs.

Our team can support both employers and individuals providing everything from careers advice to advising on severance packages and relevant employment law.

We have access to a wide range of expertise including HR Consultants, experienced recruiters who understand the employment scene, accountants for those contemplating self employment or starting up a new company and experienced coaches who can help the executive fine tune their skills for the next chapter in their career.

For the Executive a typical programme includes:

  • Unlimited support from our HR Consultants
  • Psychometric assessment to indentify competencies
  • Two CV workshops
  • Three coaching sessions with our coaches
  • CV marketing module

We stress that our services are bespoke and can be adjusted to your needs.  Unlike many of our competitors we do not provide a process driven ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Individual services

We also work with individuals who are seeking career guidance through access to our coaches and HR consultants.  This can be because an individual is seeking career guidance or because they are seeking transition support.  We bespoke our services to your needs and would welcome an informal conversation to discuss how we can help.

For more information about our Career Transition services contact our team now or alternatively visit our dedicated Career Transition website, www.rhcareer.co.uk.