Business Psychology, Executive Assessment, Psychometric Testing

Attracting and retaining the best talent is critical to your organisation’s business success. The wrong hire, a disgruntled employee or an underutilised staff member can have serious consequences for your future competitiveness and organisational capability.

The Occupational Psychology Group - Psychometric Assessment Specialists

Our team provides a range of services to help build your organisational capabilities including:

Assessment for In-House Recruitment, Assessment & Development

Either through our online SHL or Hogan bureaus we can provide a full range of personality assessments and aptitude/attainment tests either using computer generated reports, bespoke consultant prepared reports or a combination of bespoke and computer reports. Feedback to candidates is also provided either by telephone or face to face. Our range of assessments includes; Hogan HPI, MVPI and HDS as well as OPQ32r, Verify ability tests and the Scenarios range of work sample tests. Often, our team is asked to design bespoke business simulation exercises which add face validity to the project.

Assessment is often combined with structured interviews to provide a powerful executive appraisal of potential as well as current attainment.

Management Benchmarking

Using objective criteria we can help benchmark your talent against external comparators allowing you to ascertain the strengths of your people at individual, team and organisational level. Benchmarking of matrixes such as absence rates, staff turnover and health & safety can be complimented with psychometric assessment to benchmark competencies and ability against relevant comparison groups.

Assessment & Development Centres

For recruitment or development our Chartered Occupational Psychologists provide the full range of assessment and development centres which can include psychometric assessments, bespoke exercises, presentations and competency based interviews. Typically conducted at team leader, graduate, mid or senior management level, vital information to help in recruitment, deployment, development and succession can be identified and relevant interventions developed as a result.

Succession Planning

Every organisation needs to nurture talent and maximise the potential of its employees if it is to be successful. Providing a career and not just a job to your most talented employees acts as a powerful motivator and catalyst for performance as well as saving recruitment costs for your organisation going forward. Despite harder times, excellent people remain in demand. Your role is to keep hold of this talent and not let your competitors secure their services!

We look at your situation, define what looks great in managers and leaders and then assess against the criteria to understand development needs, assess potential and harness performance. Personal development plans and L & D plans can then be developed and put in place to ensure your future resourcing needs are met. Where gaps in your organisation become apparent we can make recommendations for your workforce planning and resourcing strategy so that you recruit people who will add value to your organisation in the long as well as medium term.

Employee Surveys and Cultural Audits

Do you know what your employees think of your organisation? Do you understand the culture in your business? You need to! We work with clients to help them understand the issues in the work place today and to put together development programmes to help build high performance.

Internal & Recruitment Communications

We have established relationships with employee communications experts who can help build employee engagement and attract the right calibre of candidates to your organisation. As part of our talent management service suite we can help build performance and ‘bottom line’ results.

For more information about our Business Psychology Services contact our team now or alternatively visit our dedicated Business Psychology division, The Occupational Psychology Group (The OPG).