Protecting the Environment

Ramsey Hall is committed to protecting the environment in which we operate. Where possible we look to control our impact on the area in which our offices are based as well as reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible.

As part of our policy, Ramsey Hall has in place the following;

  • All paper based general waste is shredded and recycled
  • Our office heating is thermostatically controlled and we use energy efficient lighting
  • All Departments have shared printers, which are regularly checked to ensure they are the latest and most energy efficient
  • Where possible we utilise electronic communication including email and video conferencing to cut down on the travel between ourselves and our clients
  • Where paper and packaging is needed, we used recycled products
  • We try to use biodegradable products where plastics have to be used
  • We regularly look at our fleet of cars to ensure they are environmentally friendly


If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our policy further then don’t hesitate to contact us.