Psychometric Assessment – important business tools that improve the recruitment process

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Psychometric Assessment – important business tools that improve the recruitment process

Exanple Psychometric Assessment ReportNew research conducted by The OPG (The Occupational Psychology Group) underlines the importance of using psychometric assessment in the recruitment process.

Thank you to all of you who responded to the recent research questionnaire about psychometric assessment that we helped conduct. The sample chosen was not just based on our client list, but on our wider database of organisations and in this way we have chosen not just known assessment users but a very wide cross section of HR professionals from across the UK.

The research raised some interesting facts, details of which we will be including in the final report. However, what is most clear is the extent to which psychometric assessment is increasingly being seen as a valuable business tool that organisations use to improve their decision making as part of their recruitment and development projects.

68% of respondents use psychometric assessment in their recruitment process

The overwhelming majority of organisations surveyed said that they have used psychometric assessment (68%) whereas only 32% have not. Moreover, most of the 68% expect to use psychometric assessment again in the coming months due to their effectiveness reliability and validity in the workplace setting. This finding is very much in line with other independent research studies into psychometric use.

High reliability and validity

In the main, the reasons for the continued use of psychometric assessment is that they are perceived as being reliable (90% of respondents) and that they work and help in successful decision making. This is especially true if they are used as part of a wider process, as opposed to being the sole aid. We always recommend feedback is combined with panel interviews and professional feedback since areas for further probing are often identified from the psychometric assessment results.

Delivered online

The vast majority of respondents use at least some online psychometric assessment. However for the 46% of organisations that use psychometrics as part of assessment and development centres, significant use is still made of face to face format with in depth feedback.

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