How To Recruit Talent That Will Give You The Competitive Edge

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How To Recruit Talent That Will Give You The Competitive Edge

How To Recruit Talent That Will Give You The Competitive Edge


Before you act you need to define your requirements, competencies, work out a remuneration programme and any necessary exit arrangement for existing staff. You also need to be able to define the future career path of your candidate before you start recruiting as this can extend the long term potential within your organisation and not to just to meet a short term need.


The recruitment process needs to be rigorously conducted. This is done with in depth interview and psychometric testing for all short-listed candidates. Business psychologists can also design assessment centres for those high profile career positions which benefit from deeper assessment. In all cases, create an in depth short list report with recommendations and highlighted candidate attributes.

Reference Check

Conduct a rigorous referencing check which, depending on the role, include; credit and board searches as well as industry profiling and qualification verification. This is especially useful where security clearance is required or when a position is financially sensitive. It is vital where eligibility to hold a directorship needs to be confirmed.


On boarding is the strategic vehicle for fast-tracking new talent to a progressed state of productivity and engagement. Executive coaches can work with your new employees to help give them the best chance of settling in and rapidly contributing to your business. Additionally, ongoing coaching support is proven to add long term business advantage.

Engage Develop and Retain

The act of engaging, developing and retaining existing talent is both financially sound and more economically viable than recruiting from scratch. Having a highly motivated and developed workforce will improve business performance and maximise the potential of any ambitious organisation. Of course this is just the beginning to recruiting for senior directors and executives. There is so much more yet to come. In the future we’ll cover; understanding leadership, how to identify leadership traits and which ones should fit within your organisation, how to understand where your organisation fits with in the global company, and the understanding of globalisation. We shall be posting these out on our LinkedIn page.

The Ramsey Hall officesRamsey Hall have over 20 years’ experience Talent Management and is headed by Phil Boyle. Their team have experience in recruiting for board and executive team members for clients across the globe and use cutting edge psychometric testing to give the best candidates.

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